Mock CBT Therapy Session For Anxiety

In this video I demonstrate what it’s like to use CBT with a client. I also share some CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques that Social Workers, Counselors and Helping Professionals can use in a session for Anxiety. Many clients who suffer from Anxiety will exhibit negative thinking, all or nothing thinking or will catastrophize. There are many other cognitive distortions that can be present. Ultimately, these clients operate in high levels of fear that they are often unconscious of.

The goal of this sessions was to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to bring those thoughts to her awareness, to track, when, where and how they show up and the physical responses that happen in her body. The overall goal is to minimize the fear, worry and anxiety around the things that are outside of her control while focusing on those things that are within her control.

Using CBT therapy, we were able to create an action plan for her to stop the negative thoughts by asking herself, what can I do right now, where I am, with what I have. In this way, she is able to take back control over her automatic negative thoughts, while also practicing patience and grace with herself even if she finds there is nothing in the moment that she can do.

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