6 Social Worker Interview Questions AND Answers (How to NAIL Your SOCIAL WORKER Interview)

I wanted to share 2 important things with you in this video.

1. A few of the questions that I ask as an Interviewer in a Social Worker Interview and

2. The EXACT words you can use if you’re asking… “How do I prepare for a Social Work Interview?” I wanted to provide the interview questions and answers to help give you an idea of a format to follow.

I would suggest following the 4 tips below to prepare for your Social Worker Interview.

1. Before the interview, stand in front of a mirror and practice, practice practice.

2. Review each question and answer until your answers flow and you have minimized your uhhs and ummms… I typically say the exact same thing in every similar interview, so that way I’m not fumbling over my words.

3. Use definitive body language, this displays confidence. But make sure it’s not too distracting and aggressive. You movements should be soft and natural.

4. Nail down your intro elevator pitch that speaks to your skills, knowledge, education and experience. That should flow like water!

You can also click here to watch my other video, 8 Social Work Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer.

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