Social Work Private Practice – Why I Quit My Business As A Clinical Social Worker

Before I started as a business owner I would scroll through instagram admiring all of the pictures of personal freedom…with the ability to work from home, to set my own schedule… to no longer have to answer to a boss…and to offer the kinds of programs and services that I knew the community needed. it seemed magical. I use to ask myself…”Can social workers work in private practice?” 

The exciting part is, you CAN open your own practice with a masters in social work! But the part you don’t often see online is what happens behind the scenes or the things that you must consistently do everyday to ensure your business grows and thrives. What you don’t often see is the business side of a Clinical Social Work Private Practice, the HR functions, budgeting, accounting, working with insurance companies, doctors offices and schools. 

I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I decided to step back from my private practice. Now I could never step back 100% and close my practice, because it provides so much value to the community. But, I have adjusted my schedule so that I am able to focus on a few core areas of being an entrepreneur that will better position me to scale my practice when I am ready. 

Before you start into private practice there are a few key questions you want to consider. 

1. Do I have a strong team in place

2. Have I created my Social Work private practice forms, polices, procedures, employee handbook and onboarding process. Ifyou don’t have social work private practice forms, you’re in luck! You can access the forms that I used to start my private practice by clicking the image below! 

3. Do I have marketing material with a clear and consistent message 

4. Do I have the skillsets and experience to open a private practice 

5. Can I hire a VA or office manager 

6. Have I understood all of my contracts for collecting insurance payments 

7. Do I have a good bookkeeper or a reliable services 

8. Do I have a way to consistency follow up on phone calls and referrals 

9. Is my business location accessible and easily identifiable for potential customers 

10. Do I have the proper equipment and the money to cover my first month of expenses. 

Being a Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice takes a lot of work but I would not change my decision that I made to become an entrepreneurs. Just know that your journey won’t look like everyone else’s and that is ok! Just continue to go at your own pace and to do what you can, where you are, with what have!

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